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Looking for a better way to manage your inventory software or food service recipe? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Check out these 5 methods you can use!

Have you ever questioned yourself how much money does your business throw into the dumpster per year? Yes, a pound of hamburger or a head of lettuce probably not seem much to you, but if you stop and think for a second, month after month it is definitely a huge waste of money.

With proper inventory management, you will be able to uncover and reduce the waste of food and increase the money you spend on a product at the same time.

5 ways for you to consider

5 ways

How to Properly Manage Your Inventory Software and Food Service Recipe

In this article, we are going to show you how to properly manage your inventory software and food service recipe. Here are 5 ways for you to consider:

  1. Train Your Personnel – You have no idea how important it is to train your personnel right. We know that this may sound obvious to you, but too often people forget or don’t really think that this is crucial when running a restaurant. You need to train your personnel how to enter data in a consistent and logical way.
  2. Data Entry and Naming of Products Should Follow the Chef’s Lead – This is essential as the Chef is the one who searches for the information in the system to create the recipes, to take inventory or do menu analysis. The Chef knows best what items will be used or what units of measure will be used in the inventory taking and in the recipes. Also, the Chef will know how to differentiate between two similar products. Normally, the purchases and the accountants think differently than chefs as they don’t understand these things like the chefs do. Therefore, they usually enter data into the system incorrectly, create unnecessary duplicate products, create product names with errors, and etc. Remember, the data and products’ name must be according to Chef’s orders.
  3. Don’t Make Things too Confusing or Too Specific – Please don’t make the mistake of making things too specific as you probably confuse yourself and your employees as well. Name items according to how you will use them in a recipe, but again, don’t be too specific. For example, if you order King Salmon Fillets then you probably receive it in various sizes. So, if you don’t actually order the product by the different sizes, then there is no need for you to enter King Salmon Fillets 7/11 or King Salmon Fillets 11/18, and etc. Entering the size of the product name only confuses the process.
  4. Always Use the Best Units of Measure for Inventory and for Recipes – You need to keep in mind that the best units of measure for recipes usually break down into volume and weight. The best unit of measure for counting inventory usually break down into cases or weight and pack units. Also, the proteins should always be entered by the pound and not by the case.
  5. Always Use Spell Check – It may sound funny to you, but we all know that is highly possible to make a spell check when writing or entering data into the system. If you make such mistake it can be very difficult to find the item in the system. So, double check the ingredient when you add in the system and make sure it is correctly written.

We hope these 5 tips will help you organize your inventory and improve your business at the same time!

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