It is imperative that when shopping for an inventory Software Management you choose one that is commensurate to the needs of your company. To arrive at which Inventory Software you want to settle for, the enterprise manager must first identify the needs that stand to be met by such a purchase. In addition, one must put into consideration the nature and size of the enterprise.

The following questions need to be addressed by the manager so that that they can serve as a benchmark for the decision he will eventually make;

  • What is the nature of the enterprise? Retail, Manufacturing, wholesaler or distributor?
  • What is the size of my enterprise and do I have any expansion plans. If so, to what scale?
  • Is my enterprise mortar and brick or entirely online e-commerce based or a fusion of the two

These questions are not exhaustive but will begin to point the manager in the right direction as to what the needs of that particular enterprise truly are. They will also aid in narrowing down to at least several options which can be further scrutinized before coming to a final decision. At this point, the manager can enlist the help of an inventory control software professional who will be able to share the pros and cons in relation to your enterprise before purchase and installation.

1. Retail

Typically, a retail Inventory control system will include Point of Sale Software, utilizing a bar code scanner. A highlight of the system is that it expandable depending on the retailers needs. It also has other additional hardware like credit card readers and loyalty card scanners that enable loyal customers to accrue points if an enterprise has a loyalty program. The inventory software will have helpful customizable reporting and basic tools. It will also provide real time stock inventory so you know when to order.

2. Food and Beverage

Owing to the perishable nature of a food and beverage inventory, it is virtually impossible to have a smooth operation without an inventory control system. First in first out protocol offered by the software reduces waste drastically. Customizable software tools enable the manager to adjust inventory in direct proportion to fluctuating business scales.

3. Large sized Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Distributors

For large sized manufacturers running an intricate operation with high volume inventory Enterprise Planning Resource platform seems to be the best option. Being a smart and highly advanced Inventory control system, it comes with tools that allow linkage between products, partners and customers in a single solution. It simplifies analysis and decision making in an already complex supply chain.


The consideration of purchasing the correct software starts first with identifying exhaustively the need and requirements of an enterprise. Once those have questions have been answered, you will only be one step away from identifying the suitable Inventory control system for your business.