With the current advancements in technology, businesses are moving from brick and mortar points of sale application to cloud-based and IPad POS. As a 21st retailer who loves staying relevant through adopting trends in the business industry, it is certain that you are in the process of acquiring and testing iPads.

Importantly, the use of mobile computers selling points enhances your customer relations as you can answer your clients’ questions instantly. In the same grid, the mobile selling points reduce checkout lines. However, to reap these benefits, you need to be knowledgeable about the experience of other retailers using the IPad POS. Here are tips from retailers on selecting IPad based selling points:

a) Enhance your Internet connectivity and wireless security

 Cybercrimes are a reality today.  Adopting mobile computing in your selling point exposes your business to online fraudsters.  Hence, as you move your point of sale to mobile computing, you need to ensure your wireless connectivity is secure.

Also, since your selling points will be virtually connected, you need stable internet connectivity to avoid downtimes and delays in checkouts. Such issues can result in loss of customers. Hence, as a retailer moving to mobile computing points of sale platforms such as iPad, you have to ensure that your business internet connectivity is reliable and secure.

b) Ensure that the mobile POS serves your business purposes

When running your retail business, you require a point of sale with the ability to generate several reports such as inventory status, sending information as well as financial reports. The IPad POS you adapt in your business should have the capacity to serve the above purposes. As such, you should do proper checks on any mobile-based selling points software before making a decision to install it in your business.

c) Ensure it enhances cost control in your business

Every businessperson aims at maximizing profit while minimizing the cost of production of their goods and services. With this in mind, your iPad POS should contribute in controlling your business costs. As such, you need to be conscious of the kind of mobile selling point software you install on your iPads and ensure they meet your goal of reducing the cost of production.


In whole, while operating a retail business; adopting an iPad POS is recommendable. However, you have to ensure that you have the right infrastructures to support the move. Enhanced internet connectivity and wireless security are vital. Also, the POS should enable you to control your costs as well as serving other business purposes such as invoicing and business report generation.

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